ANENG ST202 Digital Clamp Multimeter - Αμπεροτσιμπίδα με θερμοκρασία και 4000 μετρήσεις

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ANENG ST202 Digital Clamp Multimeter

Resistance Ohm Transistor Testers AC/DC Current Voltmeter

Αμπεροτσιμπίδα με δυνατότητα έως 4000 μετρήσεις
Με μέτρηση θερμοκρασίας
Με προηγμένες δυνατότητες

1. This is a clamp multimeter,high reliability,high accuracy and portability.
2. Multifunction: Can accurately measure AC/DC voltage current, resistance.
3. With LCD backlight display,convenient to read data in dark.
4. More advantages: Manual range,data hold,diode test,continuity test,temperature test.
5. Widely use: It's a perfect tool for the laboratory,factory and home.

Product Name: Clamp ammeters
DC Voltage: 200mV-2V-20V-200V-600V
AC Voltage: 200mV-2V-20V-200V-600V
AC Current: 2A-20A-400A
Measuring Capacitance Range: 40nF-400nf-4uF-40uF-400uF
Resistance ohm: 200-2K-20K-200K-2M-20M
Buzzer Function: Yes
Max LCD display: Yes
Data Hold Function: Yes
Max Display: 4000 Counts
Temperature: (-20~1000)℃ 1℃ ±(2.5%+5)
1000℃ (-4~1832)℉ 1℉ 1832℉
Battery Type: 2 x 1.5V (AAA Battery) (Not Included)
Color: Red,Blue
Material: Plastic, Electronic Parts

Package List:
1 x Clamp Digital Multimeter
1 x Test leads
1 x User Manual
1 x storage bag
1 x Thermocouple

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