FASGet 4D 16 Line Green Laser Level 164D41GN2 Blue Αλφάδι Laser 16 Γραμμών με βάση ανύψωσης, στήριγμα τοίχου τηλεχειριστήριο και 2 μπαταρίες 2000mAh

FASGet, 164D41GN2 , Μπλε
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FASGet 4D 16 Line Green Laser Level Self Leveling with Lift Holder, Wall Bracket and Remote Control

Αλφάδι Laser 4D 16 Γραμμών, αυτοεπιπεδούμενο, με βάση ανύψωσης, στήριγμα τοίχου και τηλεχειριστήριο. Με ισχυρή δέσμη πράσινου Laser 532nm.

Περιλαμβάνει 2 μπαταρίες 2000mAh

Μην στρέφετε ποτέ την ακτίνα laser απ' ευθείας στα μάτια

1. 4D 16 line irradiation, 360° without dead angle
2. Indoor and outdoor general Universal, High brightness green, indoor and outdoor clearly, far projection distance, high laser height, clear lines.
3. Precise measurement and more convenient to use.
4. 4/8/12/16 line can be adjustable, suitable for different occasions to meet different engineering needs.
5. Crashworthy and anti knock, 4D soft rubber clad, crashworthy and anti knock.
6. International standard IP54 waterproof and dust-proof, multiple protection, Longer life in harsh environment.
7. 2000mAh large capacity battery with longer endurance life, long service life, 2000 MAH large capacity li batteries, standby time more than 48 hours, working hours can last 5 hours
8. With the use of tripod, you can work with 180° oblique line.
9. ±3°Automatic self leveling function. Sound warning when beyond auto leveling range.
10. 360° rotating base with fine tuning knob, quickly identify the target.Thickened metal base provides stable support and it is shockproof, shatter-proof.


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