NETUM SD-1000 5-Megapixel Auto-Focus Document Camera Scanner

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NETUM SD-1000 5-Megapixel Auto-Focus Α4 Document Camera Scanner

Ο A4 Document Scanner SD-1000 είναι ιδανικός για παρουσιάσεις εγγράφων και βιβλίων, φωτογραφιών κ.λπ. μέσω οθόνης ή προβολέα. Βοηθάει στην ψηφιακή αποθήκευση και αρχειοθέτηση των εγγράφων σας (σε αρχεία rtf, pdf, tiff, word κ.λπ.) Διαβάζει έγγραφα μεγέθους μέχρι A4.

Basic Characteristics:

1: Classroom and Conference Room Presentation: NetumScan SD1000 makes repetitive image capturing, demonstrations, tutorials and lectures comfortable and simple and makes classroom and office presentation experiences seamless.
2: 8.0 Megapixel CMOS Sensor: With the 5.0 MP CMOS Sensor and auto-focus down-facing lens, the document camera is capable of capturing images, real-time images of 3D Objects, magazines, books, documents, pictures and business cards and present them through a monitor or projector.
3: Auto-Focus Capture: Use the SD-800NC with a computer and monitor to create real-time presentations for large audiences. Video scribing software allows drawing on the presentation screen in real-time, making demonstrations, tutorials, and lectures more interactive, so everyone can enjoy a dynamic presentation of what you want to show or explain.
4: Digital Filing: Organize and view all your captured images and videos in one location. Staying organized couldn’t be easier! Among many bells and whistles, you can also convert your images into rtf, pdf, and tif files.
5: Video Recording: Along with these great features, you can use the Software with your NetumScan SD-800NC to take snapshots or record videos of just about anything, edit images and videos with the advanced editing tools, plus enjoy the convenience of sharing.